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SENED BirdWorld (iOS)
SENED BirdWorld (iOS)

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BirdWorld – the first global birding app. BirdWorld is a groundbreaking app that enables you to create a list of your sightings and take part in fun bird tick challenge. You can also browse through the entire list of global birds, via a chosen region or taxonomy.

Many entries contain beautiful images from one of the greatest avian imagery databases BIA, a link to the Wikipedia and BirdLife International entry, the taxonomical tree according to the most current research, as well as a map of its global distribution.

An interactive map lets you browse the planet and peek into the list of birds inhabiting every part of the planet.

The taxonomy list lets you inspect the branches of the most current tree of life of the bird species.

Finally you can inspect your private “Spotlist” and share it with your friends. This contains the exact location and time of your observation, plus any notes you care to add. Each species has SENED points associated to it, which accumulate and allow to gain new levels. The points have been determined according to their conservation status (IUCN & BirdLife International) as well as their population where available.

We wish you much enjoyment using the app to study birds, plan your birding trips and record your sightings.

The SENED team.

The In-App Purchases are “range extenders” past your home continent. You can choose to add the continents as you wish or purchase the global coverage at a discount.

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