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Requirements for images
Requirements for images
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  • All images should be in JPEG format

  • highest resolution (at least 300dpi) and highest quality (level 12)

  • files size > 4 MB recommended

  • color space AdobeRGB 98 (preferred) or sRGB

  • keep all exif- and metadata in the images

  • 3×2 ratio is preferred

  • Cropping is allowed, but keep in mind that publishers like to have some room around the subjects to have flexibility for their layouts

  • No interpolation or resizing is allowed

  • 2500 pixel or longer on the longest side is preferred

  • Any digital alteration (cloning, stitching of files, etc.) is allowed when done professionally and not visible

  • Images should be sharp and free of sensor dust spots

  • Images should be processed (like you would present them on your website)

  • Please don’t use noise reduction on your images. If at all only apply it to the background.

  • Only slight sharpening is allowed – NO sharpening is preferred. An unsharp image will not get any better through sharpening.

  • RAW files have to be available upon request (except for slide scans)

  • birdimagency not alter the images

  • The keywording will be done by BIA stuff members

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